A warm and welcoming, Spirit-led church in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


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Core Values


Being Spirit-Led

We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in Christ followers and desires to lead us in God’s ways. That’s why we value His leading in our personal lives as well as in our church gatherings. Being willing to be spontaneous and obedient to the Holy Spirit’s promptings are an integral part of all we do at GateWay. 


Diverse but Unified

We warmly welcome people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and age demographics at GateWay.  Yet despite our differences we make the choice to keep the unity of the Spirit as a core value.  By doing so we trust that people will recognize God’s love by how we treat one another, and will find a safe place to grow in their faith.


Community Minded

We highly value serving the local community we are blessed to be a part of.  That’s why you will see GateWay participating in a variety of locally sponsored events and hanging out with our neighbours.  We believe that actions speak louder than words, which is why giving back to others in tangible ways is a part of who we are.


Eternally Motivated

We know everyone is on a personal faith journey.  Some have known Christ for many season while others are brand new to faith.  We desire that everyone have the opportunity to experience Jesus personally and grow in their knowledge of God.  It motivates and inspires us to share His message and our lives with others.

We embrace people of all ages in our close-knit community, and help grow their knowledge of God through all stages of their spiritual journey.

You don't have to have it all figured out, and you don't have to be of a "certain age" to attend or fit in.  Just come feel the warmth and welcome of a faith family.  We know you will be glad you did.